Scottish Engineers - aka “Scotties”

 We descended from stoic people who used to wander around without pants telling sheep what to do all the time. Although there are no sheep around, if I look down at how I am dressed right now I must admit that much of that is still true.


“The legendary unemotional Scottish Engineer was well-known for (seemingly) loving his stable bridge design more than his lass,”

How the Scots Invented the Modern World reveals how Scottish genius for creating the basic ideas and institutions of modern life stamped the lives of a series of remarkable historical figures”, How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World & Everything in It - by Arthur Herman

“Metal-works, medicine, astronomy, surgery, architecture, machinery, transportation, geology and mathematics; among many others, those are only a select handful of fields explored in this collection of brief accounts of life-altering Scottish accomplishments”, Brilliant! Scottish Inventors, Innovators, Scientists and Engineers Who Changed the World - by Andrew Gordon Paters

“The author argues that Scotland's turbulent history laid the foundations for 'the Scottish miracle'. Written with wit, and clarity” The Scottish Enlightenment : The Scots' Invention of the Modern World Paperback – by Arthur Herman

“A distinguished team of contributors examines the writings of David Hume, Adam Smith, Thomas Reid, Adam Ferguson, Colin Maclaurin and other Scottish thinkers, in philosophy, natural theology, economics, anthropology, natural science and law. The contributors also relate the Scottish Enlightenment to its historical context and assess its impact and legacy in Europe, America and beyond. The volume is of interest to a wide range of readers in philosophy, theology, literature and the history of ideas.“The Cambridge Companion to the Scottish Enlightenment (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy) - by Alexander Broadie (Editor)

The Genius of a People: What The Scottish Enlightenment Taught our Founding Fathers -by Robert W. Gavin