Ah, I see what you mean. As in, the Dependent person gives all their power away and the Avoidant person keeps all the power for themselves (so that no one can hurt them). In terms of the schizoid/schizotypal, you’re saying that they are willing to share their power, rather than the more narcissistic people who need to control it?

Hi Chris,
What is this website that you are publishing about the crazy psychiatrists?


Oh, they only pretend to be crazy for the most part.


I am reading your work and I get it...all of it...though the language you use is not language I would use publicly at all. That said I totally love what you're saying and I think we might have fun exchanging ideas with our variant language that seems to point to the same reality. I have another friend that your work makes me think of in that we speak to very different audiences but we totally understand one another energetically. I think perhaps we might be like that too. I love connecting with folks from different worlds and still managing to see eye to eye. 

I'm really enjoying your perspective and it's opening up...little aha moments fleshing out my own understanding. thank you. 

thanks for alerting me to your work... it's very impressive!

It's quite funny and insightful! I appreciate some levity in discussing mental health issues, and many experts are very much lacking in that quality. 

I like where you're going with this, Chris. I think it will be healing, both for you and for whoever it resonates with that you end up reaching with it. You're stepping into a very taboo zone right now by looking insanity in the face and then trying to speak on it, but it needs to be done. People might even tell you the piece itself is insane but they can only see the outside perspective. We need more people who want to talk about it from the inside perspective because that is the most isolating and confusing place to be. And as you know, psychiatrists aren't always on everyone's side. This will be able to reach people in a different way and connect with them on a different level. 

"If you attempt to escape before you are healed, the gatekeeper will not let you out." - so true. 

I like the approach of normalizing insanity, on a collective scale. I don't see a line with insanity vs. non-insane people and I don't think we should treat it like that. Everyone can benefit from healing and introspection.