"How to Escape Insanity" Chapter 5: Motivation Motivation: You Will Be Better At It When You Are Sane

Getting Motivated
Advantages of Sanity
Becoming how we want to be in life

 "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when people are afraid of the light." —Plato

Chapter 5 of “How to Escape Insanity” by Chris Macnab

Does being insane have advantages?  Is insanity necessary for success?

You need motivation for escaping insanity.  Loving yourself can provide a useful motivation: like desiring a better life for yourself or wanting to become a functional person who generally benefits the world.  Wanting to take care of your family and provide true friendship to your friends  helps a lot.  If you see yourself, in your conscious mind, as a kind, loving person that wants the best for everyone, who wants to be happy and have a great life and career, who wants to make their family feel loved and provide a good life for them, who wants to be seeking win-win solutions with everyone around them, or who wants to make the world a better place - then you may find the whole motivation thing rather easy.  Or even if don't feel you are a person like that, but you want to become a person like that, that might just be enough.  (Even though your true self might feel like they are some bad-ass dude or pissed-off bitch or something along those lines, you will still be much better at all those things listed above when you enjoy total sanity.) 

But what if you see yourself as a manipulative person?  Or what if you hate yourself?  Or what if you feel anger and bitterness to those around you?  Or what if everyone around you terrifies you?  Try not to be too hard on yourself, because this probably means your true self feels like a  kind, loving being.  But these thinking patterns can sap your motivation for becoming sane.  If you see yourself as manipulative,  you may feel you will lose your manipulative powers if you escape.  If you hate yourself, you might want to punish yourself by making sure you never escape.  If you feel infinite anger and bitterness, you may feel you will lose your abilities for revenge if you become sane.  If you are fearful, you might want to be as crazy as possible to intimidate others and keep yourself safe.  Basically, you may be totally lacking the motivation to journey toward total sanity.

I have some news for you:

Sane people are way better at manipulating others than insane people.

Sane people win more easily than insane people.

Sane people experience more joy when they win than insane people.

Sane people are safer than insane people.

Sane people are stronger than insane people.

Sane people are more powerful than insane people.

Sane people enjoy fights more than insane people.

Sane people are better at fighting than insane people.

Sane people get more intense thrills than insane people.

Sane people make more money than insane people.

Sane people are better at their job than insane people.

Sane people get better job positions than insane people.

... and the list goes on.

So, if you want to become a powerful person who can manipulate others at will and get whatever you want - then you will be able to do this way better without insanity.  That is totally fine as a motivation.  Right now you are just a delusional loser who can do none of those things you would like to do very well in reality.  You suck.  If you are quite happy sitting in your basement with delusions of power, then fine.  But now I have told you how to actually get powerful in the real world with real people, if you want it.  

There is no one, true answer for what will help you stay motivated in your quest for sanity.  When it comes to motivations, the more the better.  For example, there is no problem whatsoever in wanting to become sane so you can help make the world a better place, and also desiring sanity in order to become a more powerful person.  Those will both work at the exact same time, or even cycling between those two will work.   So try to develop and understand your various motivations for becoming more sane, and try to hold them all in mind at the same time.  This will help a lot.

Becoming how we want to be in life

Let's understand some of the more common motivations people have in life.  All of these will be much easier for you when you have total sanity.  Which ones do you really relate to?   Which ones do you really want for yourself?

1.  Not making mistakes.  Avoiding people criticizing you. Avoiding being annoyed, frustrated, or worried.  Getting things right and actually being right.   Self-improvement and aiming for perfection.  Reforming the institutions and groups you are in.  Reforming the world.

2.  No one seeing you as needy.  Being appreciated by others.    Feeling that you are important to others. Actually being important to others.  Truly helping those around you in ways they actually need.   Helping the world.

3.  Avoiding failure.  Appearing successful.  Being successful. Having people affirm you and admire you.  Actually feeling successful.   Working hard and being efficient.   Motivating others.  Winning.  Leading those around you to be a winning team.  Leading the world to a better place.

4.  Not feeling ordinary.  Feeling unique and special.  Actually being unique and special.   Being authentic. Taking care of your emotional needs and the emotional needs of those around you.  Discovering the meaning of life.   Healing everyone around you.   Healing the world.  

5. Not looking foolish or not knowing an answer.  Avoiding an empty head.   Knowing lots of stuff.  Feeling wise.  Actually being wise.  Being self-sufficient.   Understanding how things work.  Understanding others.  Creating a happy, protected metaphorical  "castle'' for all of those around you to live in with you.     Teaching the world true wisdom.

6.   Avoiding all doubt.  Not feeling anxious. Avoiding inappropriate actions.  Not wanting to get approval from others.  Not questioning and confronting others.  Feeling certain.  Actually being certain.  Creating safety for those around you and making them actually feel safe.  Creating a safe world.  

7.  Not feeling pain or suffering.  Planning fun things, doing fun things, and being happy.  Energizing those around you with your enthusiasm.  Creating a pleasurable existence for those around you.  Being idealistic.   Making the world a utopia to live in.

8.   Not being weak or vulnerable.  Avoiding ever being at the mercy of others.  Being self-sufficient and strong.  Fighting for justice and achieving justice for those around you.  Bringing justice to the world; making the world a just place to live.  

9. Avoiding conflicts.  Keeping things as they are; resisting disturbances.  Being a peacemaker.  Being content.   Living in a close community with others. Showing those around you how to live together in peace and harmony.   Bringing harmony to the world.

I took these from the Enneagram personality theory [1], which has nine personality types.  I listed them in order of type, so if you are interested you can do an online test [2-5] and read about the types to figure out which one(s) you are [6-13]. You may find you relate to more than one which is totally fine; the more motivations the better.  In any case, I am trying to convince you that you can do the ones you want much better when you are sane.  Right now you may feel you are good at doing the ones you want, yet others might criticize you (or at least not appreciate you) for doing them; this is a sign you may be slightly unaware about what you are like and what you are bringing to the world.  When you become totally sane other people will more easily recognize these qualities in you.  Right now you may feel you are good at some of those listed beside the number or numbers you relate to, but you are far away from others.  For example, you may like what you read under the Type 4 and feel you are really good at healing others, yet spend little or no effort in healing yourself.   When you get rid of insanity you will be good at all of the things listed under the numbers you relate to.

from “How to Escape Insanity” by Chris Macnab, copyright 2018

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Agree or disagree?
Chapter Five

At this point you might like to do a little doodle while thinking about the action you would like to carry out with your current emotion:

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Just in case anyone is still mad at me for telling someone they suck, I will make it up to you with some helpful inside advice. Remember that “Quadrant of Crazy” at the end of the introduction? Well, society seems to always focus on a certain quadrant, trying to stamp these nice people out. In Victorian England they went after the “hysterical women.” Some clever doctor decided that rubbing the patient’s clitoris to orgasm was the way to go. This quickly became the doctors’ main business. Talk about a motivation to go to work! But this quickly backfired as doctors ended up with very sore arms and elbows by the end of the day - and keep in mind this was before repetitive strain injuries were covered by workers comp. So some clever chap invented the electromechanical vibrator, so the doctors could spend all day not enjoying themselves in any way whatsoever and still feel fine by the end of the day. Nowadays, though, the target quadrant has shifted to the lower right. Beware: there are all kinds of psychology researchers out there right now trying to root out the nefarious “sociopath” in our midst and trying to warn the rest of society about them. So my advice: if a psychiatrist ever tries to diagnose you with being a “sociopath” keep both hands firmly gripped on the tops of your trousers or tuck your skirt firmly under your knees.

from “How to Escape Insanity” by Chris Macnab, copyright 2018

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