Tired of the Insanity?

I had been struggling with some ‘low-level’ insanity my entire adult life. Then I became extremely insane for five years. But I escaped. And I’m pretty sure I know how I did it - through building friendships, healing from trauma, making my brain a happy place, and then finally escaping.

I am an engineer, so in my insanity I desperately wanted someone to give me a handy-dandy how-to manual: a practical and safety-focused guide full of useful information. So I finally wrote one for myself, and you are welcome to read along as I talk myself out of that space. I hope you don’t mind if I imagined trying to bring every other insane person on the planet out of there too. Reader be forewarned, I am angry and bitter against society and this book contains disturbing and offensive material (quite on purpose) on the topics of sexuality and insanity; I took a hard-nosed engineering approach to the problem rather than thinking about people’s feelings first and foremost:

How To Escape Insanity

This webpage presents a book in progress, so please give me some feedback if you think anything should be changed or added. I will also ask you whether you agree or disagree with the things I am saying as we go along, at the end of each chapter.